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Feb 05, 2013


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Kelly Rodgers

That is my idea of heaven!


Oh - thank you so much for taking me away from my own little sewing cave and into the fantastic world of Fabric Heaven. I remember taking a similar blissful trip through the Paris fabric district a couple of years back. How can I possibly get back to reality after reading your wonderful post?


Thanks for the tour. When I stay in NYC, it's usually in the Garment District. Can you tell me where the statue is located?


Thanks for sharing the eye candy!! What a fun outing!

Betty Ayers

I, too, love this area of NYC - total eye candy and just fun to explore. BUT for now, I've fallen hard for that purse you're carrying in the photo - what is it, please??!! How gorgeous.


Thanks for all the eye candy!! Yummy! I gotta go there.


Thanks so much. My sister and I are heading to NY soon from Australia and now we know where to go to look at fabric. Any other suggestions of where to check out quilting shops in NY city?


Those were two of my favorite stores when I lived in NYC. Thanks for the trip back--hope you enjoyed them and the rest of the Fashion District!

Cheryl Bouwens

Wow! I may never get to NYC. Thank you for the quick snapshot! The last bunch of glittery fabrics took my breath away!


I have been there, and it is amazing! It can be a little intimidating too. It's much easier to breeze thru yout pretty website and place an order. And, then I get the fun of opening a box of beautiful fabric a few days later! Is that you with the long black coat? You are much younger than I would have thought. Congrats on your successful business!

lysa flower

Hey I was just there two weeks ago, when it was freezing cold! We stayed in the garment district as well, we didn't get to every fabric shop but it's definitely on our list for when we go back!

Hawthorne Threads

Thanks so much for the enthusiasm ladies, glad you enjoyed the tour! Jan, the statue is located on 7th Ave between 39th and 40th. Definitely worth a trip! Tara, thanks so much for your support! Yes, that's me and my husband Charlie in the photos, and Betty - the purse is by Michael Kors. It was a splurge after cashing in some credit card points!

Happy Sewing,


Is the garment district open to the public? Do the stores sell wholesale and retail? I was planning a trip to NYC and this just might be added as a must do.

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