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Feb 08, 2013


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Jayne Peck



It's growing on me, too! I was hoping for Navy, but it actually can look really good with Navy! Why did I never know you had a blog!

Danell Rios-Schmehl

loving this color, Lindsay what is the color of your nail polish? I just realized this is the color green that I have been searching for!! thanks


Nope, still hasn't grown on me, I just don't like the hue of green Pantone chose.

Kathy Gordon

Always have loved this color! Thanks for the various photos that capture its beauty.

Hawthorne Threads

Thanks so much for reading along everyone! Diane, I'm not sure how you've missed it - I know you've been a terrific customer of ours for years! Danell, the nailpolish is by Sally Hansen, Mint Sprint color 440, purchased at CVS.

Happy Sewing!

Nikki meim

I love the emerald fabrics you put together, are you going to sell them as a fg bundle? I would buy them!


LIndsay, What can be better than a redhead in a beautiful green top? One with green nails to match, I'd say!! My daughter's hair is the same color as yours! What a great photograph...you should frame it!

Cheryl Higa

It's going to have to grow on me. Beautiful picture of you, Lindsay.

Cathy Burnett

Believe it or not, Emerald Green has always been one of my favorite colors. So glad it was picked this year! I enjoy your blog.


Excited for all those emerald-eyed redheads...this is THEIR year!

Chris Victorsen

Maybe this means we can finally get rid of those awful olive and lime greens!! BTW, Kermit always sang that "it isn't easy being green"!


Green looks great with redheads, I love the photo you took!

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