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Dec 22, 2013


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lovely aprons! I might use the tutorial for a friend! thank you and have a great Christmas!


Great aprons made by a great team!! Thank you for the tutorial reference, very useful!


The guys look less than thrilled about posing in their aprons, what good sports! :) If it's any consolation to them, I thought of "nail aprons" when I first saw them all hanging together in the top picture! You all sure look like a great team!


I would love to know where to find the dress form pictured with the first apron.

Meredith Wnek

Love these aprons and fabrics...2 great blogs in a row!!! Such talented people.

Carrie P.

great gift idea.

Renee Zarate

This is the perfect beginners apron! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial. Thank you!!!! My daughter is just learning how to sew and I was trying to describe the type of apron that is great for a beginner, this is it.


Love these and the pic of all your staff - so fun! Thanks for the tutorial!


I like the way you written the post.
All the images are very clean and shows the beauty of Kitchen..
we have best collections of aprons.
Thanks for sharing such nice post...

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